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Abortion in UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai

According to UAE law, it is a crime for a woman to abort her pregnancy, with two exceptions: if the pregnancy endangers the mother's life or if there is evidence that the baby will be born with fatal deformities and will not survive.

Abortion is illegal under most conditions throughout the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member state.Termination of pregnancie is allowed when it can be proved that the continuation of pregnancy would be detrimental to the life of the mother or the child. But it has to be done before the foetus is four months old. The procedure also requires the approval of a medical panel and the written consent of the woman's husband or guardian.

The combination of lack of contraceptive methods, the illegality of abortion, and the blame placed on women results in women either taking potentially dangerous drugs to self-induce or to engage in abortion migration, going to other countries such as Turkey, İstanbul to obtain an abortion.

The Mitera Clinic İstanbul Turkey, Dr. Nevra provides safe and legal abortion procedure until 10 wekks of pregnency.

Abortion Clinic İn İstanbul Turkey;

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